New Service: Fix It Quick On-Demand Development Assistance

  • Пятница, 15 Апрель, 2016
  • 17:18pm

If you are an e-dimensionz hosting client and you run into a problem developing your website, we can help. 

When developing a website, sometimes you will run into issues that you simply can’t seem to overcome. While these problems may be serious, many times there is a quick fix that can get you back on the right track. We understand that time is money and the longer it takes you to get your website up and running, the more money you are losing.

Spending hours running around in circles trying to go at it alone is not a wise move. Hiring a professional to quickly come in and diagnose your issues, will get you back to where you need to be in no time. This is where we can help!

Our Fix It Quick Development Services

Our in-house team of developers are highly trained and have years of experience dealing with all types of developmental issues. Some areas of our expertise includes; CSS errors, crossbrowser issue, template fixes, accessibility errors, mobile issues, and more.

This service is designed to help solve your issues fast, saving you tons of money in the long run. Once you turn your problems over to us, we will analyze the situation and fix the problem as quickly as possible. The best part is we only charge you for the time we spend working on your issue(s).

On-demand Means Lower Fees for You

Unlike most companies that charge a monthly fee for development services, we offer them on an on-demand bases. That means you only pay for the time we spend working on your problems. 

How to Request On-Demand Development Assistance

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