IMPORTANT NOTICE: Domain Registrar Change

7 Jul 2020

After over 10 years with enom Domain Register, we were surprised to receive an email of sudden and extreme changes with their pricing and business model in June 2020. We've decided to end our partnership with them and have switched to a new Domain Registrar.

How this affects you

If you have a domain registered with us (we send you renewal invoices), we'll be transferring your domain prior to next expiry date. If you would like to move your domain to your own Domain Registrar, please contact us no less than 1 month prior to Domain Expiry and we will send you the Auth Code and unlock the domain for the transfer.

To see if you have domains on your account, log into the Client Area and go to Domains > My Domains

Unfortunately, domains aren't eligible for refunds. If the domain transfer process has been started on our end, it will need to be completed and invoice paid prior to transferring to another Domain Register. Giving us 30 days notice prior to expiry allows us to cancel the transfer process for you to proceed with transfering to your Domain Registrar before the invoice is generated from us.

Note:  if your domain is up for renewal prior to August 23, 2020, it will remain on enom until 2021,

If you would like to keep the domain with us, we regret there will be a price increase next domain renewal based on the new Domain Registrar. 

Domain Pricing Changes (all prices in CAD)

  • .com: $10 -> $17
  • .ca: $20 -> $22
  • .biz: $12.95 -> $26
  • .info: $12.95 -> $26
  • .me: $45.95 -> $39
  • .mobi: $45.95 -> $31
  • .net: $12.95 -> $23
  • .org: $12.95 -> $20
  • .us: $39.95 -> $12
  • .mx: $115.00 -> $64

Privacy Protect: $10 to $5

Other TLDs will be available, but wasn't previously listed in the Client Area due to enom's pricing model. We'll be adding new TLDs soon.

Any questions or concerns, please reach out.