How to configure an email account in Outlook Express

This tutorial assumes you've already created your new email account in your web hosting account..... typically through your hosting control panel

Now let's learn how to setup that new email account in Outlook Express, so you'll be able to send/receive emails to/from that new email account from here

1) Start by clicking the Tools link here

2) Then click Accounts

The Internet Accounts window appears

3) Click the Add button

4) Then click Mail...

5) Enter the Name as you would like it to appear in the From field of outgoing emails

6) Then click Next

7) Now enter your new email address here

8) Then click Next

Now you have to enter your Incoming (POP3) and Outgoing (SMTP) server names

These server names will have been provided to you in your welcome email, and often times are simply

9) Choose POP3 for the incoming mail server setting

10) Now enter your Incoming (POP3) and Outgoing (SMTP) server settings in these boxes

Depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you may not be able to use the SMTP server setting provided by your hosting provider; you may have to use the SMTP server setting supplied by your ISP

If you are unable to send emails from your new account after it's setup, try changing this SMTP setting to that provided by your ISP, and try again

11) Click Next

12) Now enter the email username as provided to you by your hosting provider..... this may be the entire email address (, or just the username prefix (john)

13) Then enter your email password here

14) Click Next

15) Click Finish to complete the wizard

We're almost finished! But first let's go finish configuring our email properties

16) Select the email account we just created.....

17) ..... then click the Properties button

18) Let's change the name of the email account to something more recognizable

19) Enter an Organization name (if applicable)

20) Then enter a Reply To address here

21) Click Apply so the changes take effect.....

22) ..... then click OK

23) Click the Close button here

That's it! We've successfully setup an email account, and can now start sending and receiving emails to and from that account, from Outlook Express

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