Why do I have to verify to receive support?

We are committed to protecting your account and personal information. We can only offer basic help and some general information without verifying who you are. If you need more indepth support, details or changes on your account, we will first need to verify your identity.

How to Verify Identity

  • If you open a ticket when logged into the Client Area, your verified!
  • If contacting support outside of the Client Area, we will request:
    • The email address related to the account in question
    • Details regarding the last payment transaction

Note: if you send us an email, even if it is from the primary email address listed on your account, we will ask you to reply back to our email as verification you are the owner. The reason we must be so careful is an email message can be "spoofed" to look like it is from your address, when actually it's not.

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