Bring4Me: Help for Retailers during COVID-19 Crisis

7 Apr 2020

e-dimensionz will soon be launching Bring4Me, a search engine for a local delivery product listings that will allow local retailers to continue operating their stores and serve customers within short driving range while they are mandated to have their doors closed to the public.

Early Registration: all store owners who register prior to official launch will receive 2 MONTHS FREE as a thank you for helping us give consumers options once search engine and map is public. Use the form on on Bring4Me to register your business.

Although many stores have their own online sites, there is a lack of awareness of every delivery-enabled store in every region. Furthermore, mail delivery makes it difficult to receive items in a timely manner. Overall, this situation has caused a great deal of inconvenience, unemployment and lost income.

The goal of Bring4Me is to mitigate the terrible side effects of self-isolation and mandated home-quarantine, by allowing people to quickly and conveniently receive convenience (or any) products that they would otherwise have to order online.

The current situation with COVID19 is slated to last an estimated 2 years. This would likely be followed potentially by another year of peoples' fear and unease over attending public events and stores.