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Why Social Media Is More Than Bullying, Bragging, and Bad Manners

It started with MySpace and has grown to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a dozen other popular platforms.

The ability to share information, opinions and images on a global level gave social media users a voice that they had never had before.

Making Your Website Interesting and Social

Social media can have a profound effect upon your website. The exponential growth of social media in the last decade bespeaks their impact on all aspects of communication. Just the act of "likeing" a blog post or product can cause friends to explore the liked material, possibly leaving behind a link or bookmark to the material.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Online social networks are one of the easiest ways to reach a larger audience with your blog or digital portfolio.

While search engine optimization (SEO) and website directories will help you reach a general audience, social media marketing is arguably much more beneficial for personal blogs and online portfolios, because it offers a way to more directly interact with your visitors.

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