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Evaluating Live Chat for your Website

Live chat support, or assistance through instant messaging is slowly becoming a very important method of providing customer care services.

Words: Understanding Your Webmaster/Developer

Most business people, online or off, are less than tech-savvy. When considering a new website or a website upgrade, they find that they are confronted with a lot of jargon and technical information that reads like Greek to them.

Disadvantages of Website Builders

When deciding to build a website for business, one of the key decisions you will have to make is how you actually go about the process.

White Label Development: Advantages

The benefits of outsourcing to a local development company and offering white label development can increase expertise while gaining crucial stability in the marketplace.

What is Cloud Computing

No matter how big or small your business, the security of its data is the key to it's survival.

If your company were to lose its files, just how long could your company keep going? You may think you are protected if you have a backup server and software in place, but have when was the last time you did a disaster recovery test and tried to recover that data?

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