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Truth about Unlimited Web Hosting

For many of us, the word "unlimited" seems full of possibility. We love unlimited cell phone data, unlimited free refills, and unlimited WiFi. But the word unlimited rarely means what we think. In the case of web hosting, unlimited web hosting may not truly be what it seems.

Benefits of Linux Servers for Web Hosting

Shared hosting is generally the most economical option for web hosting, particularly for individuals and smaller businesses.

This is a web hosting service where many sites reside on one server connected to the Internet, so the overall costs of service are spread out among many customers.

Windows or Linux: Choosing the Best Hosting Platform

Choosing between web hosts is often a difficult decision. You may feel intimidated by the number of choices available.

There are a plethora of companies that offer web hosting. To complicate matters further, once you have decided on a company, then you also need to choose a hosting environment. Some companies only offer two choices: Windows or Linux.

Lets Encrypt + Cloud Linux

The recent server upgrade for e-dimensionz Shared Hosting servers included two new features which will be showing up in client hosting accounts.

Why Choose Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is often relatively expensive compared to cheaper shared hosting plans.

Although shared hosting can be only a few dollars a month, dedicated plans can sometimes run over a hundred a month.

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