Pay-Per-Click Campaign

providing instant results

Identify barriers to SEO success

Take your business to new heights quickly and affordably with a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign.

Aside from its immediate results, PPC internet advertising allows you to customize your landing page. Now you can choose the first page that your users will see, leading to higher conversion rate for many websites.

PPC ads are acquired by a process of purchasing search phrases and then bidding on the amount you pay per click. You can set how much you want to spend daily, weekly, and monthly when that amount is reached the ads come down.

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Pay-Per-Click Campaign Packages include

PPC Account Setup.

Keyword Research and Selection.

Creative Ad Development.

Landing Page Identification.

PPC Bidding Management.

Conversion Tracking.

PPC Weekly & Analysis.

Key Benefits of a
PPC Campaign

A Website Audit / Consultation includes:

Cost-effective pay per click campaigns, targeted and accountable.

Gain valuable leads, opt-ins and sales at a minimum cost.

Quick and maximum visibility at the lowest possible cost on Yahoo and Google.

Fast boost in targeted traffic and immediate results within hours or days.

Marketing Services
Order individually

Website Audit / Consultation

Before starting an online marketing campaign, your site should be analyzed to identify areas of weaknesses where optimization will help improve the success of your campaign. We will suggested methods to overcome any challenges to help you step ahead of the competition. A Website Audit includes: factors influencing your ranking and a list of recommended steps for additional improvements. We will check for issues preventing correct crawling by search engines, including the steps needed to make your website Search Engine friendly and rank higher as a result.

Search Engine Rankings Report

Your search engine optimization campaign will need to be monitored and revised on an on-going basis. This is a normal part of an SEO and Website Promotion Campaign. We provide monthly reports to monitor your progress by tracking your rankings within the major search engines, the number of indexed pages, SE score, and the number of inbound links.

Keyword Research Report

Any successful website promotion starts with extensive keyword research and analysis. We will review your competition and niche search terms to reach your prospects.

Link Building Campaign

To increase exposure to your website, we will select and manually submit your website to quality websites. Before doing link building for any website we conduct in-depth research and study trusted websites in your niche.

Link Analysis Report

Auditing competitive linking practices could provide useful insight and a strong advantage over the competition. After the analysis of your current backlinks and internal/external audit we will provide you with recommendations for future link building and corrections of existing link destinations, and anchor texts if needed.

W3C Validation & HTML clean up

We will identify any errant code and broken links which may be hampering your online marketing. Regardless of how good your website may look, if the markup doesn;t meet current standards, it will affect indexing by search engines. Our W3C validation techniques are constantly upgraded to match current standards.

Competitive Analysis Report

Our Competitive Analysis Report offers in depth reporting and valuable information about the top ranking sites in your niche and the factors that help move your site to the top position.

Landing Page Design

Landing page play a vital role in internet marketing campaign of your particular product or services. It’s proved helpful in generating quality website traffic and converting the visitor into.

Website Content Writing Services

A good website needs to have content which is interesting for the viewer. This will translate into repeated visits and result in sales. The results will automatically manifest themselves in the form of increased sales.

Article Submission Campaign

Another effective tool is article submission. Most experts consider that content is king when it comes to websites, whether personal or business. Writing and submission of content or articles increases awareness for your site, generates quality back links and builds a good reputation by word-of-mouth. Having your high quality articles in that kind of site definitely guarantees increase in traffic and sales.

Google AdWords Campaign

A Google Adwords Campaign is an advertising magnet for generating visitors to a website on a pay-per-click basis and to immediately increase qualified traffic.

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