Difference Between a Mobile Website and a Mobile App

June 2, 2013

Twenty-five years ago cell phones were referred to as "bricks".

None were connected to the internet since internet connections were by land line and cell phones were analog.

Today, most cell phones are digital and the internet has been moving towards adapting to mobile devices.

In fact, most modern cell phones function through the internet instead of traditional phone lines and include have built-in web browsers.

The best modern "smart" phones are actually hand held computers, comparable to the super computers in use when the internet was in its formative stages.

A smart phone can be "programmed" just like a PC or Apple computer by "downloading" programs (referred to as applications or "apps") from appropriate sites. Smart phones have operating systems just like desktop computers and some include an operating system such as Google's Android, Apple's iOS, and Microsoft's Windows.

What is a Mobile Website?

Also, smart phones include browsers to allow the user access to visit various websites. In recent years, its become common for many websites to have "rules" to adjust the size and display of the website for mobile browsers (referred to as mobile website or responsive/adaptive website).

When you access these websites from a mobile device you will see the mobile version. A mobile website is designed to be viewed on a small screen and video will often be of lower definition to allow for smoother streaming at the speed of the wireless internet. Since wireless internet is getting faster this concern is becoming less important.

What is a Mobile Application?

Sometimes the distinction between the a mobile application and a mobile website may be blurred.

In simple terms, a mobile app or application is a program which is installed on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to add functionality to the smartphone which may, or may not, require internet access.

Whereas, a mobile website is a website designed to be accessed by a mobile device. The website may interact with the device, as in a web based game.

As the web continues to move towards its next stage of development, it is to be expected that this trend will continue.

Sentient websites are still in the future. Google has opened a quantum artificial intelligence lab and commercial quantum computers are already available.

It is possible that with quantum computers artificial intelligence may be able to become sentient.

by on June 2, 2013

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