How to choose a Domain Name that suits your Website

July 20, 2013

The domain name is the one you use for your homepage on your website. All the other pages come off of that original home page in order to make URLs.

Here are a few tips to help you pick a web domain name that works well with your website.

Don’t choose one that people cannot spell

You do not want people to talk about your website and then go home and not know how to spell it. Keep the spelling simple and intuitive, so that your target audience will be able to type it into the address bar without making a mistake.

End it with ""

This is what people in Britain expect a website to end with, and if you choose something less popular such as “.net” then you are going to run into problems when people start searching for the wrong website.

Do not insert hyphens into your domain name

If you feel that you need to insert a hyphen, then consider a name change instead. For example, the website for “Pen Island” may wish to insert a hyphen into the domain name or else it comes out as “Penisland.” In this case it would be better to just think up a new domain name.

Be careful about adding keywords to a domain name

The keywords are going to expire and be changed into something else as time goes by. Add keywords to your web page addresses so that you can delete them if you must, but you cannot delete your domain name (the home page address). So keep your domain name simple and free from keywords.

Make it memorable

If it is easy to remember, then it is easy to revisit, and it is also easier to recall when passing the message on to friends. Memory and marketing go hand in hand, and you will find it a lot easier to market and brand your website if the domain name is memorable.

Have a different domain name from your competition

Make it very different so that there is no chance anyone will ever confuse your website with your competitors website. Make sure that your domain name is suitably unique.

The shorter the better

Short and snappy domain names are easier to remember and easier to write. They are also harder to spell incorrectly and are easier to convey via spoken word. Keep your domain names short, but relevant to your website or business.

Keep your domain name neutral

Do not make it sound like your website does something specific because there will come a time when you need to evolve your website and your specific domain name will hold you back.

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